The 411 on Chi Studios

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Chi Studios hosts the artwork of spastic illustrator Leanne Peacey
Graduated Montserrat College of Art in 2004 with a BFA in Illustration

Leanne can be found in a state of frazzled shock buried underneath a pile of used paper and clothing of a questionable cleanliness.
She is currently undergoing not-so-rapid detox in a chic Euro-trash clinic located nowhere near Europe for her Copics addiction.
Sources close to the artist say she will issue a public statement once the hypno-therapy allows her to remember where she lost her cell phone.

Meanwhile, notorious pirate doppleganger Chi has been seen pimping her work shamelessly at Anime Conventions on the East Coast, undermining efforts of serious artist Leanne Peacey who freelances in Illustration and Fashion Design.

The Notorious Affair of the Cleavage (NAC) forced Chi into hiding somewhere in Western MA.
Current whereabouts unknown, but suspected of being located withen close proximity of a Cold Stone Creamery, Hershey's Factory, or 24 hour Walgreens.

Famed psychics have claimed to have communed with Chi through known mediums My Space and Deviant Art, and more recently via Etsy, though our sources say those mediums may have been drunk at the time...

Recently released photos have lead authorities to believe that she was, in fact, eaten by fashionably dressed zombies.
Local authorities are warning congoers to not be lured in by the promise of scantily clad bishounen, and to contact anti-zombie task forces immediately.
If none can be found in your area, hide behind the Cherry Darling cosplayer.

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